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July Updates

Greetings fellas,

First month of our trial run went pretty well. As promised, the giveaways and slot codes will be coming shortly. I'm still juggling this operation alone, so things are moving ... slowly. More to come about this soon. Some housekeeping notes in the meantime ...

Product Pricing

As I'm sure you've noticed, prices on baseball products have skyrocketed over the past few weeks across the board. This usually happens every midsummer, but this year has brought a stronger demand throughout the hobby than in recent past. Prices will start to decline somewhat as the season progresses, but for now it means we have to muddle through higher costs.

The reason I'm writing this is to let you guys know we're not jacking up break slots to make more profit. Our percentages and bottom line aren't changing at all. Any increases in break slots are due to rising costs from the manufacturers. We're both constantly scouting multiple sources for the best deals in order to keep break slot prices reasonable, including from the big wholesale distributors.

I'm a little nervous about what this will do to people wanting to purchase slots, :/ so if you guys can hang with us through this period, I promise we'll find a way to do additional special stuff for members.

Individual Boxes

These will finally be added to the members page throughout the month. We're gonna start with a small inventory until we can gauge what to stock. Email us if you are interested in scooping 4+ at any time in the future, or to save on shipping costs if we break on-stream. For now, these are only available for purchase by members.


He's doing well and has spent the past few weeks finding balance in life. We still talk daily and he's regularly helping with background tasks. Taking summer classes and exploring internships. He misses everyone no doubt, but doesn't have a solid timetable on coming back to twitch yet.

Clutchsilver Breaks

Regular flash breaks coming to his channel in July. We'll tweet them, but also be sure to follow him on twitter and on twitch to jump in some nice affordable breaks.


One small change this month: multi-slot codes will only work when pre-registering. They'll automatically deactivate shortly before the stream goes live. We want everyone to be able to utilize the codes, so please take advantage of the member pre-reg discounts in advance!

I'll try to post regular updates here as often as possible about what's going on, but feel free to drop comments or hit me up with any questions, concerns or ideas.

THANK YOU to everyone reading this. If you're on this page, it means you've been a huge part of keeping this thing alive. One of the reasons I love this group is because I consider you all friends. If there's anything I can do for any of yall, just let me know and I'm in.

<3 CJ

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